Shows how to use a Java library to parse SQL commands and modify them on the fly if needed.

Shows how to easily modify specific data items without changing the database or the database clients. In this scenario, we have a number of applications retrieving data from the database, and we need to change a country name to comply with unexpected political changes.

Shows how to fetch up-to-date currency rates and use them to convert prices in result sets on the fly.

Focuses on the different ways your logic can determine what to do.

Example: manipulating data 

Shows ways of converting between data types.

Shows how to encrypt an attribute for certain objects and decrypt it whenever it gets accessed. This is an advanced example which requires some familiarity with Java.

Shows how to use a Java library to create an Excel file with metrics collected by the metrics code filter for Postgres.

Shows how to detect that a query is returning an empty result set, and how to add objects to that result set.

Example: using secrets

Shows how to retrieve secrets such as keys and passwords from an external service such as Kubernetes Secrets, Azure Key Vault and AWS Secret Manager.

Shows how to build a regular expression to match a variety of SQL queries.

Shows how to open a file in the file system and write to it. Includes how to have rolling log file.

Shows how to dynamically edit a bitmap when it is retrieved.

Shows how to dynamically change the metadata in a PDF document, and how to add a watermark to all pages.