If you need help with Gallium Data, a great place to start is with an email to the Gallium Data help desk:

Support contracts

For end-users, the use of Gallium Data is free. OEMs and VARs need to have a contract in place with Gallium Data to redistribute the software.

If you use Gallium Data in a production setting, you may find it useful to enter into a support agreement with Gallium Data, which will provide you with guaranteed response time, expert advice, timely bug fixes and a direct line to our team.

Bronze - $5,000/year (one database type) or $10,000/year for all database types

Silver - $10,000/year (one database type) or $20,000/year for all database types

Gold - $20,000/year (one database type) or $40,000/year (all database types)

We also offer more customized support options, please contact us if you're interested in getting some expert help, we love to hear from our users!

Source escrow

As an additional insurance, you can also enter into a source escrow agreement. This gives you access to the complete source code for Gallium Data and the database adapter(s) you use. It includes everything you need to recompile the software from scratch (all server-side code is in Java). Your copy of the source code is then refreshed once a year with the latest.

The source escrow agreement does not give you the right to resell or redistribute the source code, which is licensed for backup only, and you do not have the right to make modifications to the source code unless Gallium Data ceases operations or does not respond to your support requests in a timely manner (unlikely -- we're always very quick!)

We can customize these agreements, for instance if you need to use special security measures, or if you have other requirements.