Troubleshooting Docker

You get an error about running out of disk space

This can be caused by Docker running out of available space, and can usually be fixed by running the command:

docker system purge

You will be prompted for confirmation, then the cleanup may take a little while. Try again once it's completed: Docker should not run out of disk space for a while after that.

The port you try to connect to is not open

It's very easy to get confused with ports in Docker. When you run a Docker image, you can specify how its ports will be mapped to the host ports.

So if you wanted to run (say) SQL Server, you might run the command:

docker run -d -p 8089:8080 -p 1432:1431 galliumdata/gallium-data-engine:X.X.X

This assumes that port 1431 in the Docker container is open, and it maps it to port 1432 on the host machine:

On Linux, if you are using the "host" Docker network, things are different: the ports in your container will be mapped automatically to the host ports. This may be convenient if the host is running just one Docker container, but if it runs more than one, it may get confusing.

You need to try something in the Docker container

When a Gallium Data instance is up, you can connect to it and try a few things in it.

For instance, if you are having trouble connecting to a database server, you can verify that basic network connectivity is working properly with:

docker exec -u root -it <container-name> sh

apt-get update

apt-get install telnet

telnet <database-host> <port>

In this example, if you cannot open the database port, Gallium Data won't be able to either.