RPC packet

An RPC packet is sent by the client to invoke a stored procedure.


int procID: the ID of the stored procedure.

String procName: the name of the stored procedure.

boolean fWithRecomp: true if the call is made with the "with recompile" option.

boolean fNoMetaData: if set, asks the server to not send metadata in the response.

boolean fReuseMetaData: if set, indicates to the server that the metadata has not changed since the last call.

boolean noExec: if set, the RPC call will not be executed (build 1507 and later)

List<RPCParameter> parameters: the definition and values of the parameters.


ColumnMetadata columnMetaData: the type definition for the parameter.

String paramName: the name of the parameter.

boolean fByRefValue: if set, indicates that this parameter is passed by reference (OUTPUT parameter).

boolean fDefaultValue: if set, this parameter is to be the default value.

boolean fEncrypted: if set, this parameter is encrypted.

MSSQLDataType value: the value for this parameter.