Done token

This packet is sent by the server at the end of an in interaction, for instance at the end of a result set. Full documentation.


byte tokenType: the type code for this token (0xFD).

String tokenTypeName: the name corresponding to this token's type ("Done").

boolean doneFinal: if set, this is the final Done packet in the request

boolean doneMore: if set, this is not the final done in the request, additional data may follow.

boolean doneError: if set, an error occurred while executing the SQL statement.

boolean doneInXact: if set, a transaction is in progress.

boolean doneCount: if set, the rowCount is valid.

boolean doneAttn: if set, this message is a server acknowledgement of a client's Attention message.

boolean doneSrvError: if set, an error occurred while executing the SQL statement and the result set should be discarded.

int curCmd: the ID of the current SQL command. It would be very unusual to change this value.

long rowCount: the number of rows affected by the current SQL command.