ColInfo token

This packet is sent by the server to describe the column information when in browse mode.


byte tokenType: the type code for this token (0xA5).

String tokenTypeName: the name corresponding to this token's type ("ColInfo").

List<ColInfo> colInfos: the ColInfo objects (see below).


byte colNum: the column number in the result set.

byte tableNum: the number of the base table from which the column was derived - 0 for expression.

boolean statusExpression: if set, the column was the result of an expression.

boolean statusKey: if set, the column is part of a key for the table.

boolean statusHidden: if set, the column was not requested but was added because it was part of a key for the associated table.

boolean statusDifferentName: if set, the column name is different than the requested column name in the case of a column alias.

String colName: the name of the column. This is set only if statusDifferentName is set.