DataClassification object

If data classification is in use, then result sets that include data on which data classification has been specified will include a DataClassification object containing that information.


  • List<NameId> sensitivityLabels: the sensitivity labels for the columns (see below for details on the NameId type)

  • List<NameId> informationTypes: the types of information for the columns

  • int sensitivityRank: the rank for the data classification (only available if the data classification feature is set to level 2 during login)

  • List<List<SensitivityProperty>> sensitivityProperties: the classifications for each column (see below for details)

NameId object


  • string name: the name of the label

  • string id: the ID of the label

SensitivityProperty object


  • int sensitivityLabelIndex: the index of the sensitivity label in the sensitivityLabels list

  • int informationTypeIndex: the index of the information type in the informationTypes list

  • int sensitivityRank: the rank of the sensitivity