Prepared statement execution filter - Postgres

This filter can intercept the execution of a prepared statement and change the value of the parameter for the prepared statement.

More specifically, it intercepts packets of type Bind and allows you to modify the value of the parameters for the prepared statement.


Query patterns

Optional. If specified, one or more patterns (separated by newlines) for the SQL of the prepared statement being executed. If not specified, then all prepared statement executions will potentially result in the execution of this filter (depending on the other parameters).


select first_name, last_name, balance FROM biz.customers where IDENT = $1

This is a literal query: the SQL for the prepared statement must match exactly what is specified here. It's often helpful to use a request logging filter to figure out exactly what the statement looks like when it is sent to the database, as it may not be exactly what you have in the client (especially for the parameter placeholders).

regex:INSERT INTO biz\.customers \(IDENT, \w+_name\) VALUES \(\$1, \$2\)

This is a regular expression, which means that all special characters must be escaped.

Parameter patterns

Optional. If specified, one or more number=pattern expressions, separated by newlines, where number is an integer indicating the (zero-based) index of the parameter, and pattern is:



Specifies that this filter should only be invoked if the first parameter (index 0) has a value of 42 (regardless of type).

1=This is a test



This specifies two possible values for the second parameter (index 1). If either of these is satisfied, and the range for the fourth parameter (index 3) is also satisfied (i.e. the parameter has a value between 5.5 and 5.9 inclusive, regardless of type), then the filter will be run (assuming all the other parameters, if any, are also satisfied).

Client IPs

Optional. A list of IP addresses (IP4 and/or IP6) and/or regular expressions for IP addresses, which can be separated by commas or newlines. 

If specified, only requests from matching IP addresses will cause execution of this filter.



Optional. Zero or more database user names as literals or regular expressions, separated by commas or newlines. If specified, this filter will execute only for those database users.



regex:dev_\w+, regex:prod_\w+


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