StmtPrepareOK packet

This packet is sent by the server to indicate that a statement was prepared successfully.


  • int sequenceId: the sequence ID for the packet.

  • String packetType: always "StmtPrepareOK" - read-only.

  • int statementId: the ID of the statement that was executed

  • int warningCount: the number of warnings

  • List<ColumnDefinitionPacket> paramDefs: the definition of the parameters

  • int paramDefWarnings: the number of warnings while preparing the parameters - read-only

  • List<ColumnDefinitionPacket> columnDefs: the definition of the columns to be returned

  • int columnDefWarnings: the number of warnings while preparing the columns - read-only


  • ColumnDefinitionPacket addColumnDefinition(): adds a column definition

  • ColumnDefinitionPacket addParameterDefinition(): adds a new parameter definition