HandshakeResponse41 packet

A HandshakeResponse41 packet is sent by the client to initiate the authentication process.


  • int sequenceId: the sequence ID for the packet.

  • String packetType: always "HandshakeResponse41" - read-only.

  • int capabilityFlags: the client's capabilities. The meaning of these flags is described in the MySQL documentation.

  • boolean isSSLRequest: true if the client is requesting an SSL connection

  • int maxPacketSize: the maximum packet size for the client

  • int characterSet: the default character set for the client. The meaning of this code is available in the MySQL documentation.

  • String userName: the name of the user logging in

  • byte[] authResponse: the initial authentication data

  • String database: the name of the database to use as default after login

  • String authPluginName: the name of the authentication plugin used by the client

  • Object clientConnectAttributes: all the attributes for the login