Connection close filter

This is a special connection filter that gets called (if present and active) when a connection gets closed.

The main purpose of this filter type is to clean up anything you may have created during the lifetime of the connection, such as connections to resources.


A typical use of this filter would be to close a database connection established by (for instance) a regular connection filter.

If we assume that you have a JavaScript connection filter with the following code:

if ( ! context.connectionContext.qres || !context.connectionContext.qres.conn.isValid(100)) {

log.debug("Opening connection to database");

let qres = context.utils.createObject();

let SQLServerDriver = Java.type("");

let driver = new SQLServerDriver();

qres.conn = driver.connect("jdbc:sqlserver://;databaseName=MyDB;user=test1;password=xxxxx", null);

context.connectionContext.qres = qres;


then you could clean up that connection by creating a connection close filter with the following code: